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Outsource your love life!

August 11, 2010

Did you know that we have two great features that have to do with outsourcing your love life? One has to do with you helping other AMS members, and the other has to do with non-AMS members helping YOU!

During searches for yourself, you will likely come across someone that you think might be a really good match for a friend of yours also on AMS. You could use the Play Matchmaker feature to introduce them.  Your Play Matchmaker feature looks like this and shows up in the left side of your sceen whenever you are viewing profiles.  Simply click it, and then you can enter your friend’s member number along with a message to let them know why you think this is a good match for them.

Have parents, grandparents, siblings, married friends, or other close friends who are really anxious for you to find the right person and get married?  They could have some fun on your behalf (and maybe even help answer their own prayers for you) by using the Guest Pass feature.

As a guest, they will have the ability to conduct searches and send a you an e-mail of someone they think might be a good match for you. (And don’t worry, they DON’T have the ability to contact anyone!).  Often those who are closest to us have the ability to know who is right or wrong for us. The Guest Pass helps bring back the age-old concept of matchmaking by those who know us well, maybe even better than we know ourselves. What can it hurt?

Let those you love and trust know about the Guest Pass on Ave Maria Singles. They will love doing this, have a lot of fun, and it can only help your bottom line.


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