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Member Center Improvement Project

November 11, 2010

Dear AMS Members,

I have some good news, some bad news, and some great news:

….The good news is that we have woken up to the functionality and design problems with our Member Center.

….The bad news is that we have been asleep too long, which I am very sorry about. We had no idea until recently just how problematic it has been for our members.

….The great news is that we are determined to fix what is broken, design the Member Center in a way that makes sense, get rid of what is unnecessary, and update what is outdated. The AMS experience is going to improve!

We’re going to be improving our current features and introducing many new ones. To start with, we’ve corrected the problems in our chat feature. If you’ve had difficulty with our chat in the past, please try it again! We’re also currently working on a brand-new and vastly improved chat feature.

Taking just a few moments to take our very brief survey will allow you to give us valuable feedback. We want to improve our service, and we want your input. Your opinion matters!

Thank you for your participation, and for your patience as we work on some major improvements.

Yours in Christ,



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