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Couple finds their wedding photos after 45 years.

November 26, 2010

It’s always nice to hear of a “feel good” story. This is one of them. A couple finds their wedding photos (which they could not afford to buy when they got married) after 45 years. Can you believe that? This brief news story video tells what happened, and it seems impossible. But the wife makes the beautiful statement at the end, “It makes me think about all the courage we had to take that step.”

Courage, to say the least. They could not afford to get their own wedding photos. I wonder if they gave any thought to not being able to afford a house, or to have children, or more than one car, or to pay for college, or to save for retirement.

My goodness, today we have all kinds of reasons to postpone getting married, and many of them are financial. And when you go down the financial justification road, it’s not too hard to come up with so-called “good reasons” why you can’t afford to get married.

Here is a couple who took a courageous step in the name of love and for the higher good of being married and sharing a life with the person you love, rather than wait to have all financial ducks in a row before doing it.

They took the leap of faith and God gave them 45 years. And as if to give them a great big kiss and reward them for their courage and faith, God provides their wedding photos.

God really does reward leaps of faith and acts of courage. Marriage is a leap of faith and act of courage. “God will provide” must always be our confidence when we act on what is right. God bless this couple for their 45 years of love. They never needed the wedding photos to get where they are now. May we all learn that there is much we can live without when establishing and living marriage.


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