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AMS Answers: Why can’t I view this profile?

December 7, 2010

I received a message, but when I tried to view the person’s profile I got the message: “This member is no longer available for viewing.” What happened?

You will see this notice if a member has chosen to put themselves on an inactive status. Sometimes people abruptly need a break from the site for personal reasons. They put themselves on inactive, and you are left a little confused. Please don’t take it personally, as it surely had nothing to do with you since they wrote to you.

However, if you noticed anything strange about the message, it could be this individual was a scammer. It is an unfortunate fact of our fallen world that people do steal credit card numbers and try to join things like dating sites in order to attempt to get money from unsuspecting individuals.

Please, exercise caution. Just as you wouldn’t give out your personal information to someone you only just met, you should never immediately start interacting with a new contact off of the AMS site. If someone gives you their personal e-mail, asks for yours, or immediately offers to share photos or asks you for photos, proceed with caution. It is a violation of our Rules of Use to ask for personal information on an initial contact. And please, never send money to someone you barely know.

We have take steps to try and reduce the number of scammers on the site by asking for the CVV2 code whenever someone registers. This won’t stop all scammers, but it should help.

We are only able to stop this individuals so quickly because of our wonderful members. You are most prudent in contacting us quickly when you feel that something is off.

So please, if a message makes you feel uncomfortable, never hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.



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