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Lenten Challenge: Online Dating Prejudices

March 14, 2011

When we meet someone out in the world, we don’t know how old they are.  We don’t know if they’ve never been married.  We don’t know if they have allergies, or what their favorite prayer is, or their thoughts on homeschooling.  We don’t know much about them at all.

We might get to know them.  We like them.  They make us laugh.  They seem smart.  They have a beautiful spirituality which inspires us.  We want to become friends.

But — STOP THE PRESSES.  This person is ten years older than us (or ten years younger).  Well.  All bets are off, then.  Forget it.  This attractive person is too old for me.  So forget it.

Wait, that’s not how it works at all, is it?

This Lent, here’s an idea of something to give up: online dating prejudice.

Go into your contact preferences and set them all to zero.  Just for 40 days, leave your settings open and see what happens.  There might be someone who is 7 years older than you who is just perfect for you.  But you’d never know it, with your contact preferences set to ensure no one more than five years older (that includes five years and one day) can write to you.

Lent is a time to reconnect with God, to find the things that keep us away from Him, and purge those things from our lives.  We spend more time in prayer, we make sacrifices, we focus on priorities.  Which makes Lent the perfect time to stop trying to take control of our own destiny and open ourselves up to what God wants.  Give Him the chance to work.  You’ll be distracted with the beautiful season of Lent, so it’s the ideal time to not worry so much about your online dating.

Open up those contact preferences, and open up your heart.  And just maybe, when you rise with our Lord on Easter, you won’t feel those same prejudices any more.

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  1. Mel permalink
    March 14, 2011 11:24 am

    Awesome Topic. Thanks for writing this . Hope it will inspiring to all. We are all guilty of prejudice even the most unjudgmental person.

    Happy Lenten!

  2. March 23, 2011 4:07 am

    I brought this topic up on I have been tempted to request this as a feature, particularly for women, and/or deploy my own catholic website with age information removed. In the past, it used to be impolite to ask a woman her age upon initial greeting. Dating websites seem to have this magic number pasted on everyone’s forehead for everyone to see.

    I believe this problem also affects catholic friendship, and even prevents proper friendships and communities from even forming. Biblical examples include how Abraham found a wife for his son. If the girl involved didn’t treat a complete stranger with kindness, who was likely old and unappealing, Abraham’s servant would have never introduced the bride to her husband. (Genesis 24) It’s interesting how Abraham’s servant parallels with Christ’s “I thirst.”

  3. Lauren permalink
    March 29, 2011 8:40 pm

    I agree with this advice unfortunately it is hard to change a lot of hearts about this-especially some men. I’ve been interested in men from very different age levels –younger and older. It is more abut their maturity,personality, and temperament type.

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