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How To Have a Long Distance Relationship

May 9, 2011

Meeting in person is essential for making online dating work. You can’t know anything until you can look into each other’s eyes, interact normally, read body language, etc. You can’t let corresponding or talking on the phone drag on. You have to meet.

Meeting in person can be a challenge. Too many put it off because they are not sure how to make it work.

Here are some tips for successful long distance relationships:

Before you meet:
You have been exchanging messages with a really nice person. Great! See if you have consistent dialog for a couple of weeks. If you do, and the exchanges have made you both more comfortable, start talking on the phone.

Having great phone conversations for hours? Getting excited that this could really be “the one”? That’s a sign that you need to meet in person. Being in person is very different from phone and in writing. VERY different! You have had a lot of consistent message exchanges for two weeks, and you have been talking on the phone almost every day for two additional weeks. That’s plenty of time. It’s time to meet.

Now protect your heart prior to meeting in person. If it seems meeting in person is not going to happen for an undetermined time, or you get the sense that they are not anxious to meet you, it’s time to back off the phone calls and writing. Keep a healthy distance. The longer you invest time with this person, the more you invest your heart.

** REMEMBER – you don’t know anything about this person for certain until you interact in person. Period! Make it happen.

Next time we’ll cover making travel plans when meeting for the first time.


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