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40% off Road to Cana 2 on DVD!

June 7, 2011

It’s finally here!

We’re excited to announce that Season 2 of Road to Cana is now available on DVD!

This season covers many important topics:  Red flags and warning signs, dating fears, making a decision, protecting the heart, humor, money, and even divorce.  And much more.

Anthony Buono and Fr. Edward Connolly return as hosts, with new experts interviewed including Fr. Tom Morrow, Damien Wargo and Mark Houck (of The Kings Men), and the late Fr. Richard Neuhaus.  These are the last interviews with Fr. Neuhaus prior to his death.

There are 17 programs total in Season 2 over 8 DVDs (2 programs on each with 3 on the last).  They retail for $9.95 each.

Get Season 2 now for a limited time at 40% off, $5.97 each.

It’s another great investment preparing for your future spouse!

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