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50 first dates

July 22, 2011

Don’t let your imagination stop at dinner and a movie. Our #cathdate chats inspired plenty of ideas for great dates.

    • Sporting events allow plenty of time for relaxing as well as talking.
    • Bowling, ice skating, and playing pool are all active dates. You have distraction if things are awkward, and plenty of opportunities for laughs.
    • Seeing a cover band of a genre of music you both enjoy makes for a fun night out.
    • Going to a museum is often free. It’s a good date for just being together.
    • Saturday morning Mass followed by brunch is a refreshing twist on the dinner out.
    • Volunteering together can make you both feel good, and let you see how the person treats others.
    • A trip to the zoo or aquarium (especially on a weekday evening!) can help you feel young at heart.
    • Going to the theater is the classy, grown-up version of a movie. And it doesn’t have to be professional production!
    • Miniature golf is always great, even if your date is not.
    • If there is a local bar that has a pub trivia night, the can be a great low pressure date. This works especially well if you are a usual guest.
    • Lots of local wine shops or fancy grocery stores may have free or very inexpensive tastings.
    • If it’s in your area, a day at the beach/boardwalk can be a great outing.
    • Take a one-day class together (such as making pizza). Again, we’re thinking about having something to do with your hands…especially if you have nervous energy!
    • Yard sale hopping/thrift store browsing costs nothing and can be really fun. You could challenge each other to find a $5 treasure (or hey, a $1 treasure).
    • Many libraries have great free events such as lectures or authors visiting.

We often say that the first date is not an interview! It’s not about quizzing a person, it’s about getting to know them. You’ll both have more fun doing a fun activity. If the date is awful, a fun activity helps the time pass. And if the date is great, you have a wonderful start to making many more memories together.

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