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Elizabeth & Peter: success!

September 7, 2011

Peter and Elizabeth are newlyweds, and highly successful users of the Ave Maria Singles referral program.  We asked them a couple questions about how they met, and why they think the referral program is such a great idea.

How did you hear about AMS?

Peter: A friend of mine persuaded me that I should join a Catholic dating site, and I had seen print advertisements for AMS in magazines like The Catholic Answer and Lay Witness for several years before joining, and I felt that AMS was the best fit for me. It was the first and only dating site I have been on.

Elizabeth: I was on another Catholic dating website for a while and, though I made a few friends via the site, I was frustrated by the dearth of practicing Catholics even there. While there, I heard of AMS and eventually decided that it would be good to join. It sounded as though the general population tended to be more religious and perhaps a bit more serious about looking for a spouse, since they did have to pay to join. That small fee, however, is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of dating, marriage, and life… all pretty expensive propositions!

How long were you on the site before you met?

Elizabeth: Peter first wrote on November 2, 2009. I’d been on the site for 3 weeks and he had been there two and a half months.

How did your first date happen?

Peter: In January 2010 I asked Elizabeth if I could meet her in person (we had talked on the phone a few times already) and she agreed. I flew from Seattle to Erie, PA in February. By the end of that weekend we had decided that we wanted to start dating. We mostly walked around the city and talked during that weekend, to try to get to know each other. It was from our conversations that we made a connection with each other early on.

Peter, you were an early adopter of the referral program. What made you join?

I had always wanted to try making money with Internet advertising. I liked the idea of helping more people join AMS since it can work and I felt that the commission paid by AMS was very generous and worth my time. I actually purchase ads online to drive traffic to AMS and it has worked out quite well so far.

How much are you making with the program?

I’m making about $75 per month after expenses.

Did you use any of that money to offset your wedding or honeymoon costs?

It goes to help pay our bills every month, so yes, it definitely helped with the honeymoon.

When did you get married?

We were married on June 11th, 2011 at Elizabeth’s home parish in New Jersey.

Do you have any advice for singles?

God isn’t calling you to marry someone who He’s not also calling to marry you.
That sounds confusing at first, but it’s good to think about. If that great guy is called to be a (Roman rite) priest, you can be at peace knowing you’re not called to be his wife. If that lovely lady is prayerfully certain that you are not the one, then she may not be the one for you, either. (This is not to say that a little persistence is necessarily a bad idea.) But- Trust. God knows exactly what he’s doing.

What do you think of the referral program?

The referral program is great because it gives anyone the opportunity to encourage others to join AMS. You don’t even have to be a member of AMS to be in the referral program. I would encourage anyone who knows someone who might benefit from AMS to join the referral program because those who join using your referral link gets a $25 discount. It’s nice to be able to make some money at this program and help people join AMS at the same time.

God bless!
Elizabeth and Peter Oven

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