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September 6 #cathdate transcript

September 13, 2011

AveMariaSingles Tonight: is “the one” a fallacy, as –@palaminkosaid? Or goes God have one person in mind for you? Join us!#cathdate -8:27

AveMariaSingles We’ll start with introductions. Say hello, share a blog if you like. #cathdate -8:32 PM

nomoblues @AveMariaSingles #cathdate I’m nomoblues of CA, blog link in my profile. -8:33 PM

6stonejars Anthony Buono, Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. Looking forward to tonight’s chat.#cathdate -8:33 PM

trinichiqn Nikki from Trinidad here, no blog…..yet #cathdate -8:33 PM

clsiegel Chris from Austin, Texas. #cathdate -8:33 PM

AveMariaSingles We’re talking about soul mates. The One. Your other half. Q1: Does God have one person in mind for you?#cathdate -8:37

6stonejars The concept of the “soul mate” is a very, very popular one. #cathdate -8:39

tortillatc Andrellita from New Mexico #cathdate -8:39 PM

clsiegel I feel God has a person picked out for us, but also knows who we’ll end up with. Not always the same person. #cathdate -8:39 PM

Yvadne God has one person in mind for me, Yah! #cathdate -8:40 PM

AveMariaSingles @clsiegel So God has someone in mind with us, but also knows if we won’t listen? #cathdate -8:41 PM

nomoblues @6stonejars #cathdate Not all of us are called to Holy Matrimony. God may or may not have someone, but either way we’re meant for Him. -8:42 PM

clsiegel Yeah. The bad part of free will RT @AveMariaSingles: So God has someone in mind with us, but also knows if we won’t listen? #cathdate -8:42 PM

tortillatc So if we are called don’t listen and the other person marries someon else what then? #cathdate -8:44 PM

6stonejars @nomoblues Fair point, but since we’re at this chat, we’ll presume a calling to matrimony. 🙂 #cathdate -8:45 PM

6stonejars God is not that controlling when it comes to our destiny. We must do our part. #cathdate -8:46 PM

trinichiqn I believe he will guide people our way or the other way around but the choice is ours #cathdate -8:47 PM

6stonejars Too much reflection on “the one” can lead to refusing anyone. People become overly concerned with choosing wrong.#cathdate -8:48 PM

AveMariaSingles RT @trinichiqn: I believe he will guide people our way or the other way around but the choice is ours #cathdate -8:48

threelittleowls @AveMariaSingles @trinichiqn I think that as well.#cathdate -8:49 PM

tortillatc So there are several ppl God thinks we would be good with and as life goes on he brings them into our lives then we say y or n? #cathdate -8:51 PM

6stonejars We have to do our part. We can’t put all the onus on God. We need to work on ourselves, and be open to possibility.#cathdate -8:54 PM

tortillatc @6stonejars makes sense #cathdate -8:57 PM

LuciadelCarmen6 RT @6stonejars: We have to do our part. We can’t put all the onus on God. We need to work on ourselves, and be open to possibility. #cathdate -8:59 PM

6stonejars God doesn’t care who you choose, per se. He puts people into our lives for a reason. #cathdate -8:59 PM

threelittleowls @6stonejars Once you’re married, then you have “the one” 🙂 #cathdate -8:59 PM

redcactusflower Since God has chosen our vocations, I like to think that He can also help lead us to a spouse He has in mind.#cathdate -8:59 PM

6stonejars @redcactusflower He can help lead us. But we have to be open to listening to Him. We need the ability to see that person. #cathdate -9:00 PM

6stonejars @threelittleowls That’s exactly right. The marriage is what makes this the one. #cathdate -9:01 PM

LuciadelCarmen6 RT @6stonejars: God doesn’t care who you choose, per se. He puts people into our lives for a reason.#cathdate -9:02 PM

6stonejars When two people exchange vows sacramentally, then you are married to the one God had in mind for you. #cathdate -9:02

tortillatc I Like that! RT @threelittleowls@6stonejars Once youre married, then you have “the one” 🙂 #cathdate -9:03 PM

AveMariaSingles We spend a lot of time looking for the one. Making our list of qualities we desire. Q2: Are WE “the one”?#cathdate -9:06 PM

threelittleowls @AveMariaSingles Good point! We have to be holy men and women who attract others to us & to God. #cathdate -9:08

trinichiqn @AveMariaSingles for someone. May not be the one we want though #cathdate -9:09 PM

clsiegel For someone, provided I don’t mess up God’s pla..#cathdate -9:09 PM

threelittleowls @trinichiqn That can be really tough. I went through that process this year. Urge you to cling to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. #cathdate -9:10 PM

6stonejars We should have a list – of the qualities we want Jesus to find in us, first and foremost. That will make us very attractive.#cathdate -9:12 PM

6stonejars The next step is to be open to the people God has placed in our lives. #cathdate -9:18 PM

threelittleowls @6stonejars Yes, very important! I hear so many people talk of being open to a relationship…later. Scary stuff to me! #cathdate -9:19 PM

6stonejars @threelittleowls Again, the conventional sense of “soul mate” has some people too afraid. Always searching for something better. #cathdate -9:20 PM

clsiegel It is important not to settle for just anyone. It is difficult being picky enough without being too picky. #cathdate -9:25 PM

tortillatc I once read we should have a list of like 5 things we would absolutely not want in a relationsip I.e. abuse, drugs#cathdate -9:27 PM

6stonejars @clsiegel It’s about choosing a suitable partner. Marital love is much more than “feelings” #cathdate -9:27 PM

tortillatc Then use those to at least set minimum standard…#cathdate -9:28 PM

nomoblues @6stonejars #cathdate FindingSoulmate -Yes, too often an excuse to stay on the sidelines, never risk getting hurt, and never committing. -9:29 PM

6stonejars Anyone can say the words of marriage vows. But can they fulfill them? Know the person as far as possible before you commit. #cathdate -9:29 PM

threelittleowls @6stonejars @clsiegel But it’s not just reasoning, either. #cathdate -9:30 PM

clsiegel Think it starts with feeling, but it has to be a decision to commit. RT @threelittleowls: But it’s not just reasoning,#cathdate -9:32 PM

6stonejars As usual, the time flew. We’ll be back again 9/20. Lots on these subjects on my blog, Have a good evening. #cathdate -9:34 PM

tortillatc @6stonejars gnight! #cathdate -9:35 PM

clsiegel Have a great week all! #cathdate -9:35 PM

AveMariaSingles Transcript will be available on The Help Mate as always. Topic ideas for September 20? Please let us know.#cathdate -9:35 PM

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