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Would you date you?

September 17, 2012

“Would you date you?” asks a pointed question that may leave you with an unsettled feeling. So often we focus on the other part of the equation when we’re dating. We forget that the process starts with ourselves. This idea is important on so many levels that it’s a wonder we don’t talk about it more often.

Would you date you? If you can’t give a definite yes, then it’s time for a remodel. Sometimes we get so caught up with finding that right person and getting excited about all the ways they are going to change our life that we don’t think about the ways in which we could enrich theirs.

 A relationship is a two way street.  Your street must be paved before you allow cars on it. Imagine allowing cars to drive down a street that was in the process of being paved. The chaos it would create and the work that would have to be redone would take a lifetime! The same goes for dating. You need to be satisfied and secure in your life before adding someone else to the equation. Sure, there will be potholes that develop along the way but its easier to go back and fix a few issues rather than repaving a whole road.

 The qualities that we desire in a partner are ones that we should be cultivating in our own lives. It’s never too late to begin paving your street and creating a road that will add another lane when the time is right!

So what do you think? Are there some areas in your own life that you need to work on? Would you date you?

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