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Matt and Lillian Vogl

September 24, 2012

Matt and Lillian met each other on the Alaskan cruise in July 2005. Matt had just finished his first year of teaching, and Lillian her first year as a lawyer in a large law firm. Both wanted a vacation and neither expected to meet someone – let alone the person they would marry. Immediately after getting on the ship, Lillian saw this cute guy (Matt) walk into the Ave Maria registration room. Lillian noticed that his badge said that he lived in Potomac Falls, VA, so Lillian said to him with excitement, “I’m from Virginia, too!” Being interested, Matt tried to publicize the excursions he was planning to go on when Lillian was in a larger group planning out her week. Lillian took note of those excursions, and was able to schedule a couple of them, such as Ketchikan where they had plenty of great conversation while eating crabs in the lodge. In the evenings, Lillian did her best to teach Matt how to swing dance at the club.

The cruise was like a “dating marathon” moving their relationship along much quicker than if they had met at home, getting together once on the weekends. They had many opportunities to have deep conversations about family and life throughout the cruise, and when they traveled with Anthony and friends in Seattle waiting for their flight home to DC. How did the story end? After dating for two years back home, Lillian and Matt got married. They now have two children, Felicity and Mark, who will one day hear the story about how their parents met on the high seas!

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  1. Joseph Meynier permalink
    December 25, 2012 11:40 am

    What a delightful story. Clearly meant to be.

  2. February 22, 2013 10:31 pm

    God bless your family! inspiring story how “dreams do come true” in Gods time!

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